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How We Work

AHF has the experience and solutions to help nonprofits in multiple ways. The AHF nonprofit team bring many years’ experience managing endowment assets, sitting on Foundation Boards and raising funds for nonprofits. They have experience from incepting nonprofits to working with multi million-dollar endowments. This experience across both nonprofit size and multiple roles within the Economics and Finance (E&F) space are brought to bear for all our nonprofit clients.

1. Helping to enhance governance and maximize performance of endowment assets.

a. Helping the board draft the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This document lays out the objectives of the nonprofit with regard to investment objectives, risk parameters, asset classes and any asset class or security restrictions (i.e. no tobacco companies) cash-flow requirements if above minimum required levels.

b. Building the asset allocation model (AA) that fits cash flows & risk tolerances

c. Selecting the vehicles suited to deliver the investment & cash flows required

d. Ongoing performance monitoring and re-balancing of assets to increase performance and make any necessary changes to investment options.

2. Working with Foundations in Asset Raising Efforts

a. We bring multiple years’ experience in designing and implementing capital campaigns to assist the executive directors and staff in rethinking fund-raising strategies

b. We work with our clients in maximizing the gifts donors are willing to contribute.

c. We create and manage Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT), Community Land Trusts (CLT) and work with donors on most efficient methodology in their gift giving.