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Ciera Dorsey

The principles of integrity, accountability, and honor were the core blocks Ciera’s mother, Sheila Moore, laid down for her while raising Ciera and her two sisters in Crestview, Fl. Being brought up in a house full of love, faith, and all the blessings of a solid foundation paved a path for Ciera to fight for and take care of “the people!” Ciera Dorsey is a United State Air Force veteran who wholeheartedly believes that financial knowledge paired with targeted financial strategies and solutions are the levelers of the playing field. Ciera has been a Financial Professional for over four years and her experience in the military service provides a refreshing look into wealth building strategies. Ciera’s moral compass led to her passion of helping people despite the sacrifices because “the greater good of one is the greater good of all” in her book. She is committed to redefining wealth through creative and personalized strategies to obtain security, support, education, and understanding for every client so that they have the confidence and knowledge to make their own educated decisions with guidance from an experienced professional.

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