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Financial Security

In today’s ever changing market conditions people are more worried than ever, if what they have saved during their working years will get them through retirement. At AHF, we focus on three things when discussing retirement income needs with our clients. They include strategies, protection, and distribution of their assets.

While in retirement or going into retirement it’s very important to focus on how your income will be affected by taxes and how the remaining amount will be transferred to your heirs and how the transfer might affect the beneficiaries current financial situation.

You have two phases in life when discussing your saving and investments. One, being the “Accumulation” phase. During this time, you may wish to consider putting away as much money as you can for your future self and make sound financial decisions on investments to accumulate the most funds possible for retirement. The second phase is “Distribution”. During this phase, your primary concern may be finding a suitable investment or product to create an income that you and your spouse will not outlive. With the ups and downs of the market, it makes retirement planning difficult for retirees. If the market has a 15% correction during your distribution phase of retirement or worse 35% corrections like in 2008…how will this affect your retirement? Can you wait 8 to 10 years to get back what you already had and can you continue to take your current income without worrying about running out of money? For more information on how to create the same or potentially better income on a guaranteed basis with minimal risk…feel free to contact your AHF representative today for a no cost or obligation consultation.